7 morning habits to enjoy the day

7 Morning Habits to Win the Day

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7 Morning Habits to Win the Day

Really! I find out 7 morning habits to win the day. Without proper morning habits, I can only start my day but I will not be productive or well-valued. So, if anyone wants a productive day with complete confidence, they have to develop some good habits that start in the morning.

In order to achieve my life goals and make my dreams come true, it’s essential to establish a solid morning routine. Having powerful morning habits that are ingrained in my system and have become part of who I am will help me become more successful. I’ve started auditing myself and taking note of the habits that work for me, but I still have a ways to go. I think one area of my life that could use more stability is my sleep schedule.

Yes, it is going to take a lot of work! Some days will feel more accessible than others, while some days may seem more challenging to motivate yourself. You may be dealing with illness or the loss of a loved one, or you may simply not be feeling up to it. These situations can be challenging and may weigh you down. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of allowing the ups and downs of life to distract you from your God-given purpose, use them as an opportunity to learn, pivot, and gain a new perspective.

Developing grit and self-respect through consistent morning habits is an essential first step toward achieving success in life. This book is a comprehensive guide that teaches you about the benefits of seven golden morning habits that will help you take control of your day and achieve your goals. With this book, you will learn how to establish a morning routine that will give you the energy, focus, and motivation you need to tackle your day with confidence.

It’s always great to start the day with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Taking a few minutes during breakfast to think about your goals for the day is helpful. And if you have a morning ritual that helps you ease into the day, even better! A good morning routine can set you up for success, making you more productive and confident when you face challenges. So, why create a winning morning ritual and make your day more enjoyable and successful?

“Win the morning; win the day.” – Tim Ferriss

Did you know that having a good morning routine sets the tone for the entire day? The truth is, there are more bad days than the good ones. There are days when we dialed into every little detail, and on most days, we simply react to other people’s demands, feeling messed up and not in control!

In spite of the fact that having a good morning routine can be magical, the truth is that there is more to it than meets the eye! It is the science that you can incorporate into your life to reap extraordinary levels of productivity. The question however is “is there one right way to have to win the day?” Well, if you can achieve one good thing in the morning, it is as good as you have won the day and there is a high chance that you will enjoy the rest of the day.

Ask any productive person, and they will tell you that they have a morning routine that defines what they achieve during the day and hence, accounts for their success and productivity in whatever they do.

One thing that you have to understand is that morning are the most predictable parts of the day. But it only takes discipline and having a routine to reap the productivity that comes with it. All you have to do is tweak a few things here and there by adding on habits you would want to work on gradually to make a routine.

For instance, if you want to start working out, simply add it into your routine. When you feel down, you can write a few sentences about your thoughts and emotions. The whole point is to make that part of your lifestyle and have full control of your life. This is because, when you start your day with some routine and develop it into a habit, you will realize that you will gradually be adding positive thinking into your life. What better way to build your life than having positivity?

So, what are you waiting for? Come with me and let’s learn the seven golden habits that will help you win your day.

What are the benefits of having a morning routine?

According to several health experts, influencers and business owners around the globe, being successful is an indicator that you have a structured start to your day. If you review all the interviews on the Tim Ferris show, you will realize that almost 90% of the highly impactful members of the society have a morning routine. In other words, they have habits that they have cultivated over time and made it part of their lifestyle.

You may be thinking ‘so what if you have a morning routine or habits?’ Well, there are so many benefits that you stand to enjoy when you have morning habits, and the good news is that if you do not have one, you can easily build one for your mornings.

Core Benefits Include:

1. Self-discipline

Self-discipline is perhaps one of the most important benefits you get by just having a morning routine and habits. In fact, according to so many philosophers, there is evidence that shows that having that discipline of getting up every morning at the same time is a good foundation to kickstarting a good day. It carries over into the rest of the days in the week, and then months and years. When you enforce an act of discipline at the start of the day, you will simply draw that discipline into various parts of your life. These include your mental focus, health, work, family and diet among others.

2. Time scheduling

The discipline of a morning habits to win your day and getting up early every day is one of the most practical aspects of extra time. In today’s culture, time is considered the most valuable asset. If you don’t believe me, look at the success that new time-saving technology like Uber, Amazon Prime, and Alexa’s voice has. The truth is, having that extra hour to your routine in the morning can be channeled into doing something productive. You can use that extra time to do something important to you that you normally overlook.

Limits Procrastination

I don’t know about you, but to me, there is nothing worse than being rushed in the morning. But I bet this is pretty familiar to you too, right? Ever wondered why you feel rushed? Probably because you pressed the snooze button over and over until you are late?

Maybe, you spent too much time trying to make breakfast or put together your takeaway lunch? What you wake up to is realizing that you did not allocate adequate time for these activities, possibly because you allowed something else eats into their time.

Not having a morning routine simply throws you off the internal clock. This often happens when you do not have a definitive waking time. This is because you are constantly snoozing when the clock goes off. When you choose to hit the snooze button, you are procrastinating tasks even before you get out of bed.

This also applies when you procrastinate your urgent tasks to the next. You have to realize how toxic this can be to you. It does not only induce stress but most importantly, it serves as a barrier to attaining your goals and reaching your productivity limit. Therefore, it is important that you start creating reliable habits that are centered around your wake time so that you set the tone for your day, hence eliminate procrastination.

3. Helps lower anxiety

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying hard to expand my productivity limits so that it caters well to my evolving workload. To my surprise, waking up early boosts my productivity tenfold throughout the day. In fact, on the days when I get up as planned, I have ample time to ease into the day without necessarily rushing.

Stress is directly associated with increased levels of cortisol. This may lead to weight gain, anxiety, and several other health risks. If you have always been in a rush in the morning, try doing things differently tomorrow.

Simply get up earlier than usual and take your time to get ready. Then stroll out the door and get to work. This goes a long way in lowering the chances of being anxious and developing stress in the morning. It’s much easier to dive into our to-do list without pressure. The act of checking off several tasks in the morning and creates the momentum that will help you push through the day.

Trust me, it is the small wins that matter and pushes you to win big throughout the day. We are constantly seeking for ways to maximize our potential and seizing new opportunities for growth each day. However, we must learn to adapt to changes that occur in everyday life so that we can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed, something that can strip us of continued productivity.

4. It gets rid of major decision-making

Regardless of how this sounds, the truth is that this is something very important. When you do not have a morning routine, you will not manage your time well, and this simply means that when there are important decisions to be made, you will spend most of the time agonizing over everything. This is something that can cause decision fatigue because of mental exhaustion. You keep asking yourself conflicting questions that eventually flood your brain with unknowns. You do not need this in the morning, as it can be a huge detriment to the rest of the day. It attracts feelings of being overwhelmed and hence inhibiting your productivity. When you establish stable morning habits that you do not have to think twice about, your morning becomes much simpler creating room for your brain to make informed decisions that will get you winning the entire day

5. Mental toughness

Unfortunately, the society we live in today is too soft and fragile. This is because people try to find the easiest way out of every situation, most of which cause us to crumble. What you need for growth and development is a challenging setting. Yes, taking that easy way out can be rewarding in the short-term, but have you stopped to ask yourself what this means in the long- run? It is true that waking up early each day may not be fun, but when you force yourself through this discipline and mental toughness, you are adequately ready for any challenge that life throws at you. The truth is, you will be standing when everyone else is not!

The 7-Daily Habits for a Successful Morning

It is important for you to bear in mind that morning habits will set you up for wins throughout the day. In other words, having a ritual that you stick to you no matter what becomes engraved in your system. This produces small wins that will ensure that you are steered in the right direction for the rest of the day. They create the positive momentum. When morning habits are a lifestyle to you, you enjoy a path that is free of friction and strain. You start your day knowing that you are already a winner. To transform your life, you must first be willing to accept that habits can be replaced and that you have the power and responsibility to make a change to yours today. Start by thoughtfully designing your day so that you lay a strong foundation for a productive day.

Here are some of the habits that you set you winning the day for a very long time.

Habit 1: Beat the snooze button

Getting up is something that you struggle with at first, but all it takes to stop hitting the snooze button is tuning your mind to winning every day. There is a strong temptation and desire to hit the snooze button so that you can catch a few more wings in the morning. However, the good news is you can break that habit. Each time your alarm goes off, tell yourself you are a winner by getting up and a loser if you snooze. Trust me; no one wants to carry the feeling of being a loser throughout the day. It worked for me, and it can work for you as well.

You can start experimenting with other tactics as well to discover what works best for you. Even though there is no single bulletproof solution to overcoming snoozing, you can counter the temptation of hitting the snooze button by simply experimenting different techniques. You may have tried countless methods with no success. Rather than beating yourself over spilled milk, cross off all failed methods and move on to the next attempt. You will eventually find one that works for you and when you do, stick to it.

Habit 2: Get up early

7 Morning Habits to Win the Day | Get up early in the morning when the sun rises

As you try hard to overcome the temptation of a snooze, it is important that you have a purpose to get up early. Understand that morning are times when you are fresh, have the energy and are away from external distractions of the world. During this time, there are not a lot of things competing for your undivided attention.

When you wake up earlier, you are at an advantage. However, if your wake-up time is 7 am, trying to wake up 5am instead can be extremely challenging. If you want to get up earlier than usual, try and do this gradually. Understand that it is a process and your whole body has to be ready for it. You can try with 30 minutes earlier than normal, then progressively increase to an hour, an hour-and-half until you eventually hit your target. Just remember to be realistic in every step that you take and make it count.

Make your bed

The first thing that most people do when they get up is making the bed. This is something quite simple and quick. This is something that I consider a second win to my morning routine. It simply adds a burst of achievement and productivity to your morning. Why is this step an important part of your waking up? Well, the truth is, when you organize the environment you are in, you are stimulating your mind to be organized too. It is a simple step that adds clarity and calm in you, ensuring that you can stay sharp throughout the day.

Habit 3: Sweat it and immerse a positive state of mind

7 Morning Habits to Win the Day | Get up early and do your exercise

Fitness is a big part of a successful person’s life. Engaging in simple mourning cardio, push-ups, jog or sit-ups can help you kickstart your day in style. Irrespective of what your fitness goals may be, working out as part of a morning routine is an excellent way to turn on your metabolism and brain. You will feel motivated, happy and full of energy that will steer you towards conquering the rest of the day and all activities that come with it.

Allowing your mind to tap into positive thoughts allows you to rid yourself of sadness and anxiety. In other words, you are training your mind to look forward to the best that the day has to offer. You will realize that, gradually, you will begin transforming into an enthusiastic optimist. By focusing on your top priorities each day, you allow yourself to make the most of your efforts and expertise on reaping tangible results.

Disconnect from the world

It is very important that you disconnect from the world around you. The best way to achieve this is by allowing yourself to reconnect with nature. You can take a walk around your garden for around 30 minutes. This is indeed one way in which you can exercise mindfulness. During the walk, try to collect your thoughts together to focus on the best parts of the day that lays ahead of you. You can also do yoga or choose to sit silently in the room, whatever works for you. All you need to do is to create a routine around your time so that you can achieve a level of comfort that blends well into your lifestyle. Whatever you do, make sure that you are focusing on the present rather than the past.

Habit 4: Write down your to-do list and goals you want to achieve today

7-morning habits to win the day | Create a to-do list

To begin the journey towards achieving your dreams, the first thing is for you to identify exciting goals that will push you forward. In fact, according to a study from University in California, people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them than those who didn’t.

When you write down your goals, you are in increasing the effectiveness of realizing them. Incorporating this as part of your morning routine is a sign that you are declaring your intentions for the day. It crystallizes your goals in your mind so that they are engraved deeper into your subconscious brain. It is a signal to your brain that achieving these goals is important to you.

As a result, your brain will work hard towards achieving every goal by making sure that you treat every single project you handle during the day with the level of seriousness that will give you a win. In other words, your brain will push you towards realizing your dreams.

Habit 5: Focus on each task at a time

If you are handling a project, there are short-term and long-term goals. Each goal has some tasks/activities that you need to perform to realize that goal. Once you have this figured out in the previous step, you have to start focusing closer attention to each task. Pick one task at a time and focus on it.

It could be a new project, a new business idea or something that you just have to work on. When you allow your mind to focus on one task at a time, you are simply brainstorming on ideas that might be brilliant in being productive and successful. It simply tells the mind that these tasks are a top priority and the result should be beneficial to scaling the business. If you are taking a leadership role, think of various ways in which you can lead your team to win every day.

Habit 6: Visualize yourself living your dream life

How do you envision your dream life will be like? Every morning, take a few minutes to see yourself living your dream. Allow your dreams to sink deep into your mind and engage it for a couple of minutes using all your senses. Have you been dreaming of a vacation in Paris? Watch yourself enjoying that vacation with your loved ones and doing all the things you have in your checklist.

How do you feel walking the streets of Paris, shopping around, eating French food and sipping that glass of wine in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? What sound can you hear around you when taking that cup of cappuccino or Mocha in a café of your dream?

Yes, it may be hard to achieve ambitious life goals. You will encounter plateaus and valleys during the journey that might cause you to want to settle for an ordinary lifestyle. But you can start tapping into your mind by seeing yourself living your ideal day and life. You will start feeling a new rush of strength and energy that will motivate and inspire you to keep going.

It is only then that you will begin to have full clarity of the meaning and purpose of your goals in life. You will get a new perspective on how you can forge ahead and overcome the dark hours in your journey as you pursue your dreams with a lot of zeal.

Habit 7: Work towards your dreams

As part of a morning habit, it is important that you make progress towards accomplishing your biggest dreams before dive into the daily chores. Set aside at least 5 minutes to meditate on your dreams. As your dreams begin to grow, you can increase the amount of time that you spend working on them.

Rather than giving up the first few hours of your morning to running errands, channel that to a project that excites you. It could be that you are working on a new book project. Spend a few hours writing something. Simply use that time when you are fresh to fuel your will power before other busy-nesses of the day runs the tank dry. Take advantage of the full willpower you have in the morning to bring out tangible results of that project that you value most.

Remember that, if you channel your energy on activities that do not matter most in your life, you will find yourself going down a path that does not help you achieve your set goals and dreams. Ask yourself whether that project will lead you to the bigger picture. If it is a small part of the bigger picture, then you are guaranteed that your efforts will yield fruit and that each step you take draws you closer to your destination.

When you eventually add the small wins together from the morning habits, you create a ripple of victories that will keep powering your days. It is these small wins that will give you more confidence and keep you equipped to handle every challenge that arises during the day. It really doesn’t matter what how difficult these challenges are. Because if you have strong beliefs and great habits, you can achieve anything!

The 7-morning habits of winning the day

You have to understand that your morning does not have to be rough. When you allow this to sink into your spirit, you will get up each morning with enthusiasm. You will position yourself to seize every opportunity that comes your way and putting your best to work for more productivity the entire day.

Yes, it may be daunting to overhaul the whole routine at once, but you don’t have to. Start small. Work your way up to becoming better each day. Introduce new habits and practices gradually to make a more robust routine. Just remember, if you win the morning, you win the rest of your day. So, what is it going to be like for you this year? You are a champion, and all that matters is a win!

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